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Go the right way to improve performance right from the start—no matter whether you have been training for a long time or are just starting. By analyzing your individual, epigenetic fitness parameters, you can take your performance to the next level through targeted intervention. Based on your values, we give you tailor-made nutritional and sports recommendations and support you on your way.

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Same diet, different results? Stop the guesswork now with our metabolic health panel!


Eat smarter, attain and maintain your healthy feel-good weight by entering the future field of nutrigenomics. Nutrition scientists will take a look at your genetic and epigenetic profile (SNPs, miRNA and methylation markers) as well as on your life circumstances. Based on that data you will receive an unique individually tailored diet, sports and life-style plan for your optimal health!

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Individualized prevention sensitive to your specific aging process


Health + Prevention: An individualized concept for your healthy aging. For the first time, we analyze the combination of epigenetic and telomere markers together with inflammation and DNA stability markers from a drop of blood.

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