Biological Age (Telomeres + Aging Markers)


The first time, a company combines epigenetics with measurement of telomeres.

• Why a biological aging analysis?

The aging process consists of various mechanisms that play an important role in the aging of an organism. Therefore, HealthBioCare does not only analyze the telomere length (as do many other companies), but we also refer to epigenetic aging aspects in order to better characterize aging-specific changes.

• For whom is the biological aging test recommended?

If early signs of aging are noticeable such as unwanted wrinkling, hair loss, or reduced cell renewal, then do not hesitate and use our offer today to determine your biological age.

• How can I use my results?

This aging analysis gives you the chance to influence unwanted processes that accelerate the pace of aging by modifying lifestyle by integrating more exercise into your daily life, reducing stress levels, and managing your weight. In addition, changing to a healthy diet or using food supplements can significantly increase vitality and length of life.