Brain-Gut Health



Do you want to alleviate your gut discomfort and gut-based depression? Analyze possible imbalances in your gut microbiota, leaky gut, and gut-brain interactions to improve digestion function and consequences on your mood.



While inflammatory processes in the gut need medical analysis and urgent medical intervention, inconveniences from an irritated gut often come from unbalanced gut microbiota, leaky gut, and mediators released by the gut bacteria. This can affect mood and often causes depression. Genetic and epigenetic factors, nutrition, and lifestyle can contribute to these symptoms.
The brain-gut test analyzes main aspects of GI microbiota, clusters of microbiota and marker species, markers for leaky gut, and markers for gut bacteria which are responsible for mood and depression including short chain fatty acids.

The obtained results can help that which is responsible for discomfort and mood problems. With these results, strategies can be developed for an individualized intervention based on nutrition, additives, lifestyle modifications, and pro-, or prebiotic interventions.

The relaunched analysis is oriented on a previous gut health panel where a vast amount of experience has been obtained. Based on these experiences and new validated tests, the analysis now acknowledges import gut-brain interactions and integrates these elements into the test system.

The relaunched test will be available beginning of 2018.


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