DNA Health: Stability + Inflammation


This analysis provides a personal health prevention plan by monitoring DNA stability and inflammation.

Many complex diseases or premature aging develop as a consequence of unstable DNA and DNA mutations. Monitor your DNA health and develop a personal strategy for a prevention plan.

Chronic inflammation, unstable DNA and DNA mutations can be the cause of complex diseases and premature aging. These causes are induced by unbalanced nutrition, mutations from oxidative processes, or toxins. They may also be caused by epigenetic processes involved in genomic instability.

Although many pathways involved in genomic instability are still unknown, modern research has identified important mechanisms which provide markers to observe DNA stability for the first time. DNA methylation, inflammatory epigenetic DNA markers, and DNA damage and repair markers provide the opportunity to monitor possible sensible mechanisms with relevance to healthy aging.
Based on the analysis of a drop of blood, we analyse validated markers and give recommendations on preventive nutrition and lifestyle. This test kit is easy to obtain and simple to ship.

This analysis can only be used in cooperation with a medical expert.

The test is under evaluation and will be available early 2018.

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