Healthy Aging Analysis
(Telomeres, Aging Markers, Inflammation, DNA Stability)


• Why the healthy aging analysis?

Different mechanisms and epigenetic factors influence the aging of an organism and also have effects on metabolism.

Furthermore, increased inflammatory phenomena and a possible decrease in DNA stability are possible undesirable factors in the aging process. It is a special concern to integrate these essential features into the analysis. For this reason, HealthBioCare offers a combination of analyses consisting of measurements of telomere length, aging markers, inflammation, and DNA stability.

• For whom is the healthy aging test recommended?

Anyone who wants to know about possible sensitive personal characteristics which may cause premature aging. Do you feel exhausted and unbalanced, or do you just want to know how your stressful daily life affects your biological age? Then the healthy aging analysis is just right for you.

• How can I use my results?

Based on your results, you will not only get information about your biological age as compared to your chronological age, but you will also find recommendations that are tailored to your individual needs which can influence your aging, possible inflammation, and DNA stability. Recommendations include aspects of lifestyle, nutrition, useful supplements or personalized advice from doctors.

We recommend you to repeat these analyses after 6 months in order to see the success of your interventions.