• The blood test provides an indication for food intolerances

• The analysis reveals problems that may lead to misdirected immune reactions and disorders of the psyche

• The measurement indicates dysfunctions in the food intake

• Based on the results of the analysis an individualized intervention plan can be established

• The analysis qualifies for therapy monitoring

More than 60% of the population suffer from food intolerances resulting in skin irritation, gastrointestinal dysfunction, migraine, depression, stress, obesity, and many more. Based on the analysis of specific IgG4 antibodies, the intestinal wall permeability and the additional information from the questionnaire, HealthBioCare analyses your intolerances. Persistent inflammatory reactions affect the intestinal permeability. More and more environmental substances can penetrate the protective intestinal wall and thus promote inflammation throughout the body. A targeted intervention is able to stop the symptoms and the inflammation in your body.