Metabolic Health


It is true that we must acknowledge all too often: Changes in nutrition results in different metabolic consequences for different individuals. This all depends on the genetic, epigenetic, microbiota characteristics, as well as on lifestyle and environment. Quite different outcomes can result from different metabolic consequences or even intolerances. In contrast to other individuals, some people respond with a strong weight gain or with discomfort to foods, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and others.


For the first time, our Metabolic Health test analyzes epigenetic factors (scientifically well-established markers such as CpG methylation of important genes as well as miRNAs) in addition to genetic characteristics (single nucleoid polymorphism).
Whereas many companies analyze genetic factors which cannot be changed by lifestyle and diet, the HealthBioCare panel additionally analyzes epigenetic factors which clearly respond to changes in nutrition and lifestyle. In this way, consequences and success of an intervention or of lifestyle changes can be monitored.

Furthermore, the metabolic test analyzes factors which allow for individualized recommendations for sport and skin health.
This holistic analysis is based on modern molecular science, has been validated, and now undergoes premarket testing.

The analysis will be available November 2017.

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