Skin Health



Would you like an improved individualized skin care plan based on scientific modern analysis?

This holistic concept analyzes genetic, epigenetic, and nutritional factors which are responsible for the aging process of your skin. An individualized prevention is made based on these results.


Skin aging progresses at different speeds and can have individually different consequences depending on the person. Skin elasticity, collagens, antioxidative potential, and hydration are main mechanisms determining the aging process.
Genetic, epigenetic and microbiota factors as well as nutrition, environment, and lifestyle contribute to skin aging. Based on an easy to obtain skin strip (with an adhesive foil, cells of the topmost skin layer are collected) and a drop of blood, we analyse genetic factors (relevant single nucleotide polymorphism) epigenetic factors (telomeres, methylation marker and selected miRNAs) as well as skin microbiota with relevance to skin elasticity, antioxidative potential, hydration, and odor.
Based on these analytical results, one can determine a personal and sensible progress and develop an anti-aging strategy based on topical intervention or nutrition.
The tests in this panel are based on modern science, validated, and under premarket evaluation now.
The analysis will be available in January 2018.

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