Genometry Healthy Sport Panel

Several studies confirmed the positive effect of regular training on mental and physical health. The molecular mechanisms underlying training-related fitness in combination with personal lifestyle have so far been very difficult to analyze. HealthBioCare tested over 460 different metabolic factors for their use as biomarkers in a 2-year study with 160 participants.


To examine systemic and cellular changes, circulating micro RNAs (miRNAs) are used as biomarkers in the Healthy Sport Panel. These reflect the complex metabolic processes that take place in the body during a training cycle. The systematic evaluation of microRNAs transmitted in the blood enables HealthBioCare to evaluate 8 different sports-relevant miRNAs systematically. Regardless of whether you are a beginner, an advanced professional, or a change of training type, you can analyze your metabolic state through the analysis.HealthBioCare combines observations from molecular training markers (miRNAs), genetics (SNPs), and observed phenotypes and thus creates recommendations on the intensity and frequency of endurance and strength sports, nutritional, and lifestyle factors.