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HealthBioCare is a group of nutritionists and doctors based in Vienna, Austria. Scientific Director Dr. Berit Hippe received her doctoral degree in nutritional sciences.

Through our research projects, we have established close cooperations with academic institutions in Austria and around the world. The expertise, professional control, and consultation at the advisory board of HealthBioCare is comprised of well-known nutritionists and doctors from the fields of general medicine, gastroenterology, and gynecology: Univ. Prof. Prim Dr. med. Stockenhuber, Prof. Dr. Viktor Dufek, Univ. Prof. Dr. Frank Unger, OA Dr. med. Alexander Just, Univ. Doz. Dr. Alexander G. Haslberger, Dr. Claudia Nichterl, Mag. Eva Aumüller.

HealthBioCare is an independent company following the principles of a holistic vision when it comes to health. We consider sustainability, resilience, social equity and access to information as key elements of healthcare. We work with cutting-edge scientific methods and latest scientific findings.

Our group has published many scientific peer reviewed articles. As part of our scientific work, we test many different products. Based on the analysis of diet, lifestyle, and molecular markers, we individually recommend those products featuring the best scientifically documented and verifiable effects.
HealthBiocare GmbH is part of the Precision-Geneometry® project in collaboration with Bluezones Suisse gmbh and System Biologie AG. Next generation sequencing technology has led to an unrivaled explosion in the amount of genomic data and this escalation has collaterally raised the challenges of analysing, sharing, archiving and integrating these data. The scale and efficiency have posed a challenge for analysis of these gene interactions and vast genomic data. However, this limitation can be overcome by Geneometrics® tools and algorithms using big data framework.

Precision-Geneometry® is also used by Bluezones as the analytical basis in biohacking concepts for reprogramming top athletes on a cellular level. Together with System Biologie AG and Vesifact® a spinoff of the Technical University of Zurich we created an analytical tool for performance enhancement concepts, based on intracellular modification. With Geneometry® tools physicians can create personalized nutraceutical intervention concepts for professional athletes, by optimize the DNA-makeup to perform at its highest level. In the sports world this makes all the different, to be that one hundred of second faster, or to increase your reaction time.

Are you interested in a personal consultation? We will connect you to an expert or doctor who is familiar with our system for some quick and simple nutritional advice.

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